Jal Jeera

Jal Jeera



Known for its best cooling effect, Jaljira Churan is widely consumed. The Jaljira Churan makes a tasty spicy drink that gives relief in sunny days from heat. The Jaljira Churan is also known for its medicinal benefits and digestive properties. We offer the Jaljira Churan in proper hygienic packaging of varied quantities.


Each 100 g Contents

Piper Longum 2.0 g
Zingiber Officinal 2.5 g
Cuminum Cyminum 4.5 g
Piper Nigrurn 2.0 g
Spilanthus Acrnella 0.2 g
Mengifera Indica 5.7 g
Black Salt 4.1 g
Citric Acid 8.2 g
Ammonium Chloride 5.2 g
Sugar 11.0 g
Rock Salt Q.S.

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