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Dwarkesh Products is a part of Dwarkesh Group of Companies. Vaidya Ram Pal Ji kabra established the group in 1968. The main activity of the group is to manufacture and market Ayurvedic and Herbal Products, with main instance on Digestive and Delicious Churan - Goli, over the counter Ayurvedic Products for direct application.

  • Dwarkesh Products is a Partnership Firm. The partners are qualified and experienced persons. Mr. Ram Prakash Kabra is a Commerce Graduate with 25 years experience of marketing of Ayurvedic Medicines and Churan- Goli.

  • The Churan – Golian are highly tasteful and entertaining items. These are used as appetizers and Mouth – Freshners. These are also served as for Mahmandari. The medicinal Value of Churan – Golian is very high, since they contain herbs and spices. The main ingredients are Jeera, Ajwayan, Dhania, Kali Mirch, Pipal, Sonth, Amla, Amchur, Kala Namak, Anardana & Hing.

  • The Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are followed by the unit and the unit has been provided GMP certificate for the same by the Licensing Authority and Director of Ayurved, Government Of Rajasthan.

  • The Manufacturing Plant is situated at the Manchester of India, The Textile City BHILWARA. This is well connected by Road and railways with all Cities of the Country.

For inquiries, please contact:

Dwarkesh Products

Behind Dangi Factory, Azad Nagar
Bhilwara - 311001 Rajasthan (India)

Phone No:  +91-1482-242290
Mobile No: +91-94141-14990

E-mail:           info@dwarkesh.co.in